About Me

Hello! My name is Amy. I’m flattered you would like to learn more about me!

Growing up I lived on my tribe’s reservation in the Pacific Northwest. I am a registered member and spent a majority of my life living on the reservation, and so far my entire working career has benefited my tribe. I am proud of my heritage.

I am transgender, pansexual and polyamorous. I have two mutual partners, and we’re all happily living together.

I consider myself a bit of a Hikikomori. I do not get out and travel a lot, and outside of work I am home a lot. I would like to travel more and see new places but time and money tends to be a limiting factor.

I also am a Twitch streamer! I play a variety of games with almost no set schedule! I try to lean towards an inclusive environment.

My hobbies include playing video games, watching anime, working on electronics and computers. I have four pet rabbits, and all are rescues. I am passionate about rabbits for pets, and love to share advice and tips for rabbit care.