Pink Soul

Pink Soul is a resourcepack that came about because I wanted the health bar in Minecraft to be pink. My friend Xavyrr did a lot of the initial ground work on this pack because he noticed I was struggling and was kind enough to start. I originally just wanted a pink health bar but he went ahead and changed several particle effects, and the color of my armor.

Everything else that went into this resourcepack was from me building upon that work and how I experienced a majority of Minecraft 1.13. I went onto add Lively Default’s water and sky, the beta version 2 textures prior to the full release in Minecraft 1.14, and a handful of other small things you can read about below in the change log.

With the release of 1.14 and optifine available I am discontinuing development of Pink Soul. I really enjoyed developing and making it but my project for Minecraft resource pack developments have evolved beyond it, and much of Xavyrr’s original work has been replaced with changes to Minecraft’s resources.

Pink Soul has been succeeded by the Fragile Dreamer resourcepack, and for modern versions of Minecraft I would encourage you to look at it and give it a try. You can read more about Fragile Dreamer here.

You can download the resource pack here: Download.

Version 1.2 features:

  • Bug fixes, file cleanup and restructuring.
  • The icon for the crafting book is now pink!
  • Discontinued after 1.13.2.

Version 1.1 features:

  1. Elytra in game item changed
  2. Diamond Leggings have been change to appear more like a skirt
  3. Blue Ice is now Pink Ice
  4. Custom End Sky tile
  5. New Moon featured in night sky
  6. Fixed some broken effect icons, and particle effects
  7. Ender Dragon has been recolored

Version 1.0 features:

  1. Diamonds have been changed from blue to pink, and retain previous Minecraft textures aside from color. Many UI elements (such as the health bar) and a few other odds and ends also have had pink color swaps.
  2. Minecraft beta version 2 textures have been added
  3. The Elytra texture has been changed, and the item reflects this.
  4. I have added in Lively Default. Lively Default has custom sky boxes, and lighting for water and makes the grass more vividly green. Note: Some features for Lively Default do not work without Optifine.


  1. Xavyrr for the various things that have been recolored pink
  2. ExoticRealmGaming for Lively Default.
  3. Welsknight for updating the beta textures to 1.13.
  4. Custom Elytra texture can be found here. It does not provide a change to the item in inventory/item frame though. I created that piece myself.
  5. Skirt Armor Thing from NovaSkin was recolored as a diamond leggings texture to indicate the change to a skirt.