Resource Packs

Hello! If you are here you may have expected a link to Pink Soul. That page has moved!

I find myself enjoying and often making or changing small resource packs for my friends. In this category you can find links to all of these things! Below I will include a short description and link to the full pages to all the resource packs I currently have published.

  1. Fragile Dreamer is a pack for 1.14+ with the goal and aim to change up the entire look and feel of the game while leaving most vanilla block textures mostly unchanged. All changes will be inspired by a mix of my own tastes and interests, and inspiration taken from my friends and their feedback. As well as future plans for a patreon incentive.
  2. Pink Soul is for 1.13-1.13.2 of Minecraft that’s primary focus is to add a little more pink to the game. Development for this pack discontinued in favor of Fragile Dreamer with Minecraft 1.14.
  3. PRIDE adds a rainbow gradient to diamonds, and diamond tools and equipment made for some of my friends. It is compatible with Minecraft 1.14+.
  4. Night Light primarily changes the texture of the ender dragon, and netherbrick. The goal is to make darker regions of the game and mobs a bit more visible for accessibility purposes. Versions exist for Minecraft 1.10, and 1.13+