Fragile Dreamer

Fragile Dreamer is the successor to Pink Soul. Fragile Dreamer was made with Minecraft version 1.16.4+ in mind.

Many of the changes made will be inspired by friends I hold dear. My mission like with Pink Soul is to leave the vast majority of vanilla textures unchanged so that it would not affect how builds look from player to player.

Instead my focus is going to be on changing things that don’t impact building to make the game have a different feel. I hope that by the end I can give Minecraft a new and exciting experience that caters without taking away the ability to coherently work with and build alongside others.

Note: For some features to function properly you will need Optifine.

You may download the latest version of Fragile Dreamer for Minecraft 1.16.4+ here.

Version 1.2

  1. Soul Fire textures are purple-fied
  2. On fire effect is now lowered to make less visible
  3. Netherite tools and armor are pink-ified. Normal netherite textures are the same.
  4. Diamond Armor is brought in line with the diamond tools and textures (rather than being closer to magenta)
  5. Enchantment glint toned down
  6. Dragon texture altered again (purple and black instead of reddish)
  7. CIT Items introduced:
    • Rose Bow (Bow texture)
    • Prime Hammer (Diamond/Netherite Axe)
    • Moon Tiara (Golden Helmet)
    • Polaris (Diamond/Netherite Helmet)
    • Sugar Spoon (Diamond/Netherite Shovel)
    • Tsukuyomi (Diamond/Netherite Sword)

Version 1.1:

  1. Experience orbs are more colorful
  2. Enchantment glint is now more colorful
  3. Experience bar is now different, a glowy mix of pink and purple
  4. Potion effects are now tiny stars instead of weird swirls
  5. glint texture for things such as bonemeal use is light blue instead of green

Version 1:

  1. Lively Default included (custom sky boxes, greener grass, clearer water).
  2. Added new moon textures.
  3. Custom End Sky texture.
  4. Enderdragon has been retextured.
  5. Custom Elytra texture.
  6. Most Diamond textures are an ashen pink. Diamond Ore remains a vibrant pink.
  7. Diamond Leggings are currently still a skirt. Subject to change in later versions.
  8. Added Diamond Horse Armor textures that are matching pink.
  9. Blue Ice is pink.
  10. Packed Ice is purple.
  11. Ender Pearls and Eyes of Ender have new purple textures.
  12. Ender Chest is now purple.
  13. End Portal Frames are purple.
  14. Pumpkin Blur has a pink and gray gradient.
  15. Various heart particles have been recolored pink.
  16. Health bar is pink.
  17. Food bar is now golden carrots.
  18. Experience bar is now purple when empty, and pink when filled.
  19. Cursor is now heart shaped with a red gradient.
  20. Connection bar has pink coloring.
  21. Conduits now have a blue shell. Inner conduit now pink and resembling a pearl.
  22. Conduit Power buff has a matching pink pearl for the icon.
  23. Conduit particles are now small pink music notes.
  24. Crafting Book is now pink and black.