New Tab Tools Layout

A while back I was looking for a way to organize tiles and such in Firefox to be more aesthetically pleasing to me. I also decided I wanted a background that I liked and to accomplish this I found out I would need to use an extension. I was okay with this because the same extension allowed me to customize the tiles for website links to whatever image file I wanted to use. If the image below looks appealing to you; then you can try out New Tab Tools for Firefox or yourself. I spent a lot of time fussing about to find appealing and recognizable images for the sites, but by the end the only one I didn’t have a tile picture for was for this site! Kind of funny. I eventually played around in Pastel Girl until I could crop an image I liked enough to use for this blog.

Especially as I start to go forward I want to become more active on social media I decided. Share more things I learn, and my experiences. I think it would be good for me to practice expressing myself, and to just generally talk to people more.